Illusions of change (environmental poem)

Yesterday I wanted to save the planet, Today I think it’s us humans who need saving. Trapped in the illusion of our grandeur and our values, It’s easy to forget that Earth has been long-standing. Humanity evolved in time through learning, And inspiration came from all the shapes and sounds around us. Our earthly teachers... Continue Reading →

Dare I? (poem)

Who am I truly underneath, I do not know, Dare I see the real me and love it all? Letting go of familiar roles is not easy, They are comfortable and have their rewards. At times, my body feels like a stranger, One I cannot still forgive, It carries the unseen stains and grit, That... Continue Reading →

I want to… (poem)

I want to, says the heart; but it’s too hard. I want to, says the mind; but it’s not right. I want to, says the heart; what if it hurts? I want to, says the mind; what is the point? I want to, says the heart; but I’m too scared. I want to, says the... Continue Reading →

Sentiments of others (poem)

The things I do, they never seem enough, My mind heeds mainly the sentiments of others. What makes their views matter much more to me? Could be that my opinion of myself feels minor. It’s not by choice I wish I could erase that, But love came mostly with an if price. When I could... Continue Reading →

Yearning (poem)

When I looked at you, I saw myself less, I wish I had what you had, but was it best? What made me think that I’m not good? I may have felt misunderstood. It was by me, and not by you, I just tried to fit a role untrue. I felt the yearning for the... Continue Reading →

Chasing Venus (poem)

Many have tried to catch her in their lifetimes, I must admit I too was one of them. Imagine my surprise when later I discovered, That she was hiding all along, inside my chest, You sneaky Goddess, why did you keep so quiet? You had me running like a lunatic in circles. I thought I... Continue Reading →

Love yourself (poem)

Open your eyes, and see who doesn’t see you, The ones who think they do but don’t. Don’t try to fit into their fantasy of love it’s tiring, My dear, must you betray your soul? The parts that feel unloved and sad, Deserve to be acknowledged. They might feel ugly and ashamed, But carry hidden... Continue Reading →

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