THE LOUD VOICE (a personal view on the inner critic)

This loud voice tells me that I’m no good,
That no matter how much I try, I’ll end up misunderstood.
She screams and hits me with so much strength,
That makes me break, and I start to feel myself evaporate.
She shows up unexpected and takes me by surprise.
Because I always believe the last time was goodbye.
What do you want from me, you hideous hag?
Just let me be or tell me why I make you mad.
I feel tired of hiding in the dark because of you.
Freedom is what I want, and I will get it too.
Your power over me gets weaker by the minute.
You know it too; it’s why you cling so tightly to it.
My eyes are open now, and I can see the choice
I have to make, to be myself again.

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