When she dances (poem)

When she dances, she connects to something raw and real

To something so primal that she has long time feared.

It moves through her, and it feels like she loses all control

But she knows that it guides her slowly back to her soul.

When she dances, the world is still, and everything disappears

But she moves to the rhythm of her heart and feels free.

The darkness holds her gently, allowing her to be

Her soul gives up the hiding and comes out to gently heal.

When she dances, it looks like she’s alone in the world

But she feels connected to everything that was here before.

The past and the future dissolve from her mind.

And all that is left is this magic moment in time.

When she dances, the sounds and the words call out her name

She replies with a move that brings out a smile on her face.

With every gesture and sway, she shows her true self

Surprising even herself by the things her body conceals.

When she dances, she feels joy and a sense of being whole

She feels parts of herself through music as they’re exposed.

No words are said, and it’s only the moves that reveal

That their union holds such tenderness and love that is real.

When she dances, she knows all good things must come to an end

So, she opens her eyes and brings everything to a stand.

She smiles to herself and, despite feeling scared,

She’s grateful for being here now and for being herself.

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