A magical world

When I was little, my mum used to buy me cassette tapes with fairy tales on them. They were Romanian stories like audio theatre plays, with various voices playing different roles and sounded so real to me. I’m an only child; my parents didn’t know how or didn’t have time to play with me, so these stories became my favourite way of escaping. When I listened to these stories, I felt less alone; they transported me to a magical world where anything was possible. Later on, I started to see fairy tales on tv. Every weekend there was a specific time just for children when tv stations showed movies made after Romanian fairy tales. Two, in particular, bring a smile to my face even now when I think about them. When I learnt to read, I began devouring “never-ending stories”. When I was reading them, time stood still. I imagined myself in the places and periods from those stories, feeling what the characters felt.

Books and fairy tales have been my best friends since I was a child. To all the people who helped create, even in a small way, this magical connection in my life, I’m sending you much love.

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