The little girl & the black lamb (short story)

There once was a girl with long green hair. She liked to travel, sometimes by foot, and sometimes with her heart and mind. In her journeys, she connected to magical worlds and wise beings who shared their knowledge with her; this helped her to discover herself. This story is about one of those journeys.

The girl with the green hair was feeling a bit restless that day, so she decided to travel to the South. The sky was grey, but there was a warm and gentle breeze in the air. She walked for quite a while, lost in her thoughts. Suddenly she heard someone singing. She followed the sound until she reached a vibrant green meadow full of colourful flowers. There, a little girl with golden hair was spinning around, looking at the sky, and singing the same thing again and again: “Sky, beautiful sky, take me away with you. I want to play with your stars and play with my star too.”

The girl with the green hair looked at the little girl mesmerised. That song… she’d never heard it before yet, it felt so familiar to her. She closed her eyes, and as she listed to it, a wave of sadness washed over her. Then, there was silence; when she opened her eyes, the little girl was standing in front of her, looking at her with big blue eyes.

“What are you doing there?” she asked in a gentle voice.

“I was listening to your beautiful song. So, you want to play with the stars.”

The little girl looked up to the sky and replied with sadness in her voice: “I want to play with my friend, and he’s a star now.”

“What’s your friend’s name? Tell me a bit about him.”

“His name was Negrutu, and he was black and had a white star on his forehead.”

“He was a lamb”, said the Little One noticing the confusion on the girl with the green hair’s face. “Animals can be friends with humans too.”

“That is very true”, said the girl with the green hair smiling.

The little girl smiled. “We used to come out and play every day for hours. He would eat some grass, then sit down and put his head on my lap. He loved hugs, and I loved hugging him too; he was so soft! Sometimes he would push me gently with his head that had tiny horns coming out on. I would lower my head and put it against his, and we would gently head-wrestle; sometimes, I let him win. He was always so happy to see me and play with me. Now I’m never going to see him again, and nobody understands that I miss a lot.” Tears started to roll down her face.

“I understand that you miss him. It sounds like he was a great friend and that you two had a beautiful connection that was deeper than words. What happened to him?”

“Well, Easter came and…”

The Little One couldn’t finish her sentence, and she didn’t have to. The girl with the green hair realised at that moment what happened to the lamb. She was aware of the customs in those parts of the world where humans sacrificed certain animals for their religious holidays.

The little girl was now shaking from crying, so the girl with the green hair got down on her knees and started to gently caress her hair; the Little One jumped into her arms.

“Losing a close friend is not easy, and I can tell how much you loved him from the way you talk about him. The fact that he chose you to be his friend shows that you are a pretty amazing human because animals can feel when someone has a good heart.”

The little girl smiled. “Yes, I loved him a lot, and I know he loved me too.”

“I’m sure he did. You know what I believe? That, when two souls love each other, their hearts are connected forever. Even though one of them might leave, they never fully go away because a part of them stays in the other one’s heart. They become a guardian angel for the one who is left behind. So, maybe your friend is now watching over you and making sure that you are ok.”

The little girl closed her eyes and was silent for a while. “Yes, I believe that he’s here. But I still miss him because I can’t see him or play with him, and my heart hurts sometimes.”

“I know it does, and when that happens, it’s ok to feel sad and to cry. In time it will start to hurt less and less.”

The Little One looked more peaceful now and was smiling. “I want to go home now.”

The two of them held hands and started to walk. The sky was now clear and as blue as the Little One’s eyes; the sun was shining brightly, just like her golden hair. Walking behind them was a black lamb with a white star on his forehead.

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