Soul: “the essential part or fundamental nature of anything” (Collins)

I like to think of the Soul as a part of the life force that animates the entire Universe. So, we’re all connected: humans, nature, stars. This page is my little Universe. It’s an exploration of what it’s like to be human for me; a quest to find my place in the bigger picture; to connect with other souls who are on a similar journey.

It’s also a place where I decided to add things that I’ve discovered along my journey that are not destroying our planet. It was about 9 years ago when I decided to make some environmentally friendly changes in my life. I began by swapping commercial shampoos and cosmetics to more natural products and looking into how can I replace the one-time-use plastic. I was thrilled to find some pretty cool innovators and entrepreneurs who offered great services and products that were kinder on our planet. They’re things that I’ve tried and liked either because I agree with their values or they helped me in one way or another. Some of these services and products I’ve been using for years, and some I’ll just share as I find and try them. It’s been a pretty eye-opening journey, and I think I still have a long way to go!
PS: I’m not getting paid for any of the products that I share here.

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